What to Know About A/C Warranties

What You Can Expect from Your HVAC Company

AC warranties

Whether you’re installing your own air conditioner or hiring an HVAC company to do it for you, you should always be presented with a warranty for your equipment. Any reputable air conditioner brand will come with a warranty called a “manufacturer’s warranty” and any reputable HVAC company will provide an “installation warranty.”

If you perform your own installation, familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s warranty, which covers certain malfunctions or issues that may occur. The warranty should have instructions for proper installation, so make sure you follow them. If you don’t and something goes wrong (at your fault), you’ll be considered responsible and the warranty may not cover the damage.

If you’re having an HVAC company (like our West Chester air conditioning company) install your air conditioner for you, they should give you an installation warranty. (If they don’t, take it as a little red flag that the company may not be trustworthy.) An installation warranty should cover the installation process and ensure that if anything goes wrong, the installer will be responsible for the damages.

Both manufacturer’s and installation warranties vary in length, so shop around a little bit before you decide on your equipment and/or your installer. We recommend avoiding warranties that are short-term or come with exceptions that may cause problems. Any manufacturer that produces a quality product will stand behind it – and the same goes for HVAC companies. At Timothy Off, we offer a one-year full-system replacement warranty on any new air conditioner that we install.

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