Our Latest Sewer Lateral Replacement

sewer line replacement

Most of the time, home plumbing issues are simple fixes. Sometimes, however, you encounter an issue that’s more serious and requires more expertise. At Timothy Off, we offer professional excavation services that can address underground plumbing problems. This includes sewer line replacement and repairs.

Recently, our plumbing experts completed a sewer lateral replacement job for a home in the West Chester area. The homeowner’s septic tank failed, so our professionals converted their plumbing system to a public sewer system.

First, we used our equipment to dig up the area for the sewer lateral:

sewer line replacement

Next, we installed the line:

sewer line replacement

After that, we filled in the trenches and smoothed out the area:

sewer line replacement sewer line replacement

Sewer Laterals vs. Septic Systems

While some homes have septic systems, others have sewer laterals. A lateral is the underground line that carries waste to the city sewer. These lines are usually made from sections of piping that’s joined together by mortar. Over time, the mortar can break down and crack, causing the line to leak. When this happens, a sewer line replacement is necessary.

On the other hand, a septic system features an underground line that carries waste to a septic tank. Because the septic tank fills up, it must be emptied on a regular basis. Sometimes, the line that carries waste can leak or clog, causing the septic system to fail. When this happens, some homeowners turn to a sewer line replacement or repair, or they convert their system to a lateral system.

If you’re in need of a sewer line replacement or repair, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Timothy Off. We can get the job done quickly and professionally.

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