5 Signs of a Damaged Sewer Line

Don’t Let an Issue Go Unattended

While some plumbing issues are minor and can be taken care of fairly easily, sewer line damage is a more serious issue. A crack or leak in your sewer line can mean water damage, sewage exposure, and more. Here are 5 signs of a damaged sewer line:

Gas Odor

Do you smell a rotten egg-like smell in or around your home? This is a telltale sign of a sewer gas leak. Because your sewer should be air tight everywhere except the vent stacks on your roof, you should never smell sewer gas odor. If you do, you likely have a crack or opening in your sewer system, which could lead to bigger problems.


If your toilet, sink, or bathtub backs up every time you flush or run the water, you may have a problem with your sewer line. Backups usually occur in the lowest open drain and are caused by a blockage of some sort, so if your problem is just with one drain, the blockage may be in that drain. If your problem is with all of your drains, it’s likely a main sewer line issue.

Lawn Indentations

The next time you’re outside, pay attention to your yard. Are there any indentations in areas that weren’t there before? This could mean you have a leak in your sewer line and the excess water has been saturating the soil so that it eventually dissipates. Also pay attention to pavers, if you have them. If they’re dipping or sinking, it could mean a problem.

Slow Drain

Slow drains are incredibly frustrating and can sometimes be cured with a drain cleaner and hot water. If you’ve tried to clear your drains and they’re still moving slow, you could have a blockage forming in your sewer system. Sometimes, our expert plumbing company finds cracks, channelling, or even tree roots causing the issue.

Insect Infestations

Though the last thing you may think of is insects when it comes to sewer problems, infestations could be a sign of an issue. Cockroaches, palmetto bugs, and sewer flies can all easily get through cracks in a sewer system and in return, they can more easily get into your home. In fact, cockroaches (depending on the type) can fit through cracks as small as a dime or a quarter and can carry bacteria and/or diseases with them that harm your health.

If you believe you have a sewer line issue, give our expert plumbing company a call. We offer excavation services and can have your problem fixed quickly.

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