Home Energy Installations: Geothermal vs. Solar

The majority of homeowners use electricity, natural gas, or oil to power their homes. However, over the last decade or so, some have turned to alternative sources of energy such as solar or geothermal. Here, our geothermal installation experts explain the differences between the two.

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Why Homeowners Are Turning to Indirect Water Heaters

Many homeowners take hot water for granted and don’t think about their hot water heater until something goes wrong. If your hot water heater fails, the last thing you’ll want to do is put off buying a new one, which is why it’s important to know the different types of water heaters.

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4 Reasons Your Air Conditioner May Overheat

It’s been a hot summer here in the Northeast, and at our West Chester cooling company, we’ve seen our fair share of home air conditioning problems. If your air conditioner has overheated or you’re afraid it may, here are some of the most common reasons for it.

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The Difference Between Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Installation

Summer is in full swing, and you probably have your air conditioner or heat pump working hard to keep you cool. But have you ever wondered what the difference is between an air conditioner and a heat pump, and if the one you have is the right one for you and your family? Here are the main differences between the two.

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7 Ways to Unclog a Drain

If you own a home, you’ve probably experienced a clogged drain at one point or another. Being West Chester plumbing repair experts, we’ve had to unclog many drains – but if your clog isn’t severe, we can offer some simple ways to get your pipes flowing freely again.

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Why Choose Hybrid Heating?

Our Heating Experts Explain the Benefits While you’ve heard about heating and you’ve heard about air conditioning, have you ever heard of a hybrid system? Here, our Chadds Ford heating company explains what a hybrid heating system is and what …

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7 Benefits of an Air Humidifier

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air. You know those hot, muggy, sticky summer days? We all have humidity to thank for those. While outdoor air is naturally humidified, indoor air tends to be rather dry (especially in the winter. That’s why some people invest in air humidifiers.

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What a Home Battery System Can Do for You

By now, you’ve probably heard the term “home battery.” It was introduced a little less than a year ago, when Tesla Motors announced their very own home battery product line. Since then, a couple other companies have jumped on board and created their own versions of these batteries, but what exactly is a home battery and what does it do? Is it something worth investing in? Our West Chester HVAC company dove in to find out.

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How Do Hot Water Heaters Work?

While cold water is great, hot water is simply better for some things (like washing dishes, showering, or washing clothes), and you probably have a water heater to do these things. But do you know how it works? Today’s water heaters come in styles like direct, indirect, and tankless, but what’s the difference between them all? And how do they work?

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Frozen Pipes: What to Know

Freezing temperatures can cause some serious damage to your home, and most of the time it comes in the form of frozen pipes. Every year, millions of families experience major damage to their home from frozen or burst pipes, which can end up being a huge hassle and a lot of money to repair. Here’s what you should know about frozen pipes.

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