Denmark Has Big Goals for Energy

Find Out What the Country Has Planned

wind power

While we in the U.S. have a goal of deriving 25% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2025, the country of Denmark is aiming for something more ambitious: to stop burning any fossil fuels whatsoever by 2050. This includes both electricity production and transportation.

So how do they plan to do it? With wind energy.

The small country (just 16,600 square miles) began developing wind power back in the 1970s and quickly modernized it. By 2013, about one third of Denmark’s energy consumption was from the natural source and today, many of the wind turbines used around the world are actually manufactured by Danish companies.

While neighboring countries like Germany have fought to change their renewable ways, Denmark has fought even harder. So much so, that they have applied to shut down a variety of power plants to save money and rely on wind power. Danish governments, however, aren’t as confident and fear that if there’s a lack in wind power, they won’t have any energy to supply a back-up.

Those who see where the country’s electric industry is headed can understand. Denmark has bonds with Sweden and Norway, which provide nuclear power and hydroelectric power, respectfully. However, Sweden is looking to be more renewable and Norway has high demands for its hydroelectric power.

In an article by the New York Times, Anders Stouge, the deputy director general of the Danish Energy Association, says, “If we don’t do something, we will in the future face higher and higher risks of blackouts.”

As far as the transportation side of things, Denmark plans to implement an electric car system. In the past, residents tried to spark an electric car movement, but it ultimately failed; the Danish are still looking for an electric car option, just something better.

So, do you think they can do it?

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