Direct Energy’s Attempt to Improve Home Efficiency

Discover the Innovation to Inspiration Tour

energy efficiency

Direct Energy is an innovative energy provider that offers electricity and natural gas to states like Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, New York, parts of Canada, and more. In September of last year, the company began a tour called the “Innovation to Inspiration” tour, which consists of driving around the country in an informative 18-wheeler to show customers what their homes may look like in a few years.

Inside this 18-wheeler is a mock “smart” home created by Direct Energy. The home is loaded with “innovative devices and appliances from some of our best and brightest partners.” These devices and appliances include a dishwasher, a water heater that acts as on-site energy storage, a programmable thermostat, smoke detectors, and other elements that have gone “smart.”

These days, homeowners can control a wide array of appliances from their phones to make their home more energy efficient, and Direct Energy is attempting to inform more people that this is possible by showing them.

Also included in the 18-wheeler is an example of their “energy bill of the future,” which will be implemented sometime this summer. This bill breaks down your household’s energy consumption by activity and tells you how much money you’ve spent washing your dishes, watching television, drying your clothes, keeping your house cool, and more. It lets you view your energy consumption in a different way and assess the areas in which you can improve.

With an energy report that lets homeowners see exactly where they spend the most money, it’s possible that Direct Energy can spark an even bigger “go green” movement and encourage families to save energy.

In an article by Forbes, Direct Energy president and CEO Badar Khan said, “We are trying to help customers reduce their consumption… For our company, empowering our customers is at the heart of what we are doing and it is at the heart of how we will be successful.”

What do you think? If you had an energy bill that broke down your usage into dollars, would it help you save money and energy?

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