4 Benefits of a Radiant Heating System

radiant heating system

When you think about heating systems, you probably think about furnaces or heat pumps; radiant floor heating may not come to mind. But radiant heating systems can be a great way to heat your home. These systems heat water and then circulate it through special tubing beneath your floors. The floors become warm and in turn, heat your home. Here, we share four benefits of an installation:

Energy Savings

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and go green, a radiant flooring heating system is a great choice. Most other heating systems pull cold air in from outside and have to use a significant amount of energy to heat it. Radiant heat, however, warms your floor. In return, it warms your whole home (including the walls and the objects in your rooms). When you compare its heating ability to other traditional forms of heat, you’ll discover that a radiant heating system can actually save you 20%-40% on your energy bills.

Clean Air

A radiant heating system transfers heat between the floor and your body; the heat doesn’t have to travel through ductwork and out of vents or registers. This means there’s no warm air blowing through and kicking up dust, pollen, allergens, and other airborne particles. With fewer particles in the air, you and your family can breathe cleaner air.


Heat rises, so when traditional heating systems blow warm air into a room, it tends to rise upwards. This results in the top-half of your body becoming warm, but not always the bottom half. Radiant heating, on the other hand, provides the opposite benefit. You’ll enjoy heat that comes from the floor and warms you from your feet up. Studies show that when your feet are warm, your whole body becomes warm, making radiant heat a comfortable way to stay cozy.

In addition, radiant floor heating systems are silent. Most traditional heating systems have furnaces or baseboards that make noise when they kick on and vents that “whoosh” when they blow air. Radiant heating, however, make no noise whatsoever, which means they won’t interrupt your everyday life.

Free Space

Whether it’s a furnace, baseboards, a heat pump, or a boiler, most heating systems take up space in your home. (Even vents or registers can take up floor space!) A radiant heating system, however, is located underneath your floor. This frees up your floor space, basement, mud room, garage, and more to give you more livable space.

If you’re interested in a radiant floor heating installation, contact the experts at Timothy Off. We can assess your home and determine whether the system would benefit you.

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