6 Signs Your Furnace Is in Need of Repair

furnace repair

The cold temperatures are in full swing in the northeast and at Timothy Off, we know you’re relying on your furnace to keep you and your family warm. If you’ve been experiencing problems, however, it could mean your furnace is in need of repair. Here are some signs to look and listen for:

It makes whining sounds

If you’ve noticed that your furnace whines when it runs, you may have a damaged blower (the most common reason for whining). At Timothy Off, we deal with furnace repair on a regular basis and know what to look for when it comes to whining noises. We’ll inspect your blower and blower belt (which could be slipping or loose) and let you know what the problem is.

It runs constantly

Does your furnace never seem to turn off? Or maybe it only runs for a few minutes. Either way, the problem could be related to a number of things including a clogged air filter, thermostat issue, air seal damage, or something else. Let us take a look at it for you and diagnose the problem. Once we do, we’ll get it fixed quickly.

It doesn’t produce heat

The purpose of your furnace is to produce heat, so if it’s not, something is definitely wrong. Our furnace repair team has found this problem is often caused by a circuit breaker, gas valve, thermostat, fan blower, pilot light, or even the ignition, and is hard to diagnose yourself. Leave it to us.

It often needs repaired

If you’ve repaired your furnace several times in the last few years, that’s usually a red flag. A furnace is supposed to be dependable and operate smoothly, so having to repair it often means something is wrong. We often suggest upgrading to a new one to save yourself the constant spending on fixes.

Your heating bill is more expensive than usual

Have you noticed that your heating bill is higher than usual? This could mean your furnace isn’t operating efficiently and instead, is using more energy to run. Let us inspect it and if we find something that’s repairable, we’ll gladly fix it. However, sometimes this issue is best solved with a new system.

It makes loud sounds

Loud sounds like pops, bangs, or grinding noises are a sign that something is loose or broken in your furnace. Bangs or pops could mean an issue with your burners while grinding could be your blower wheel. And if your furnace makes a loud sound when it starts, that could mean excess gas buildup from collected dirt. Let our furnace repair experts take a look and figure out the issue.

For the best in furnace repair, trust the professionals at Timothy Off. Give us a call today and discover the Timothy Off difference.

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