Everything You Need to Know About a Mitsubishi Mini Split

Mitsubishi Mini Split

Customizable Indoor Climate Control Made Easy

Mitsubishi manufactures some of the best heating and cooling solutions in the industry, and Timothy Off is proud to be the premier installation and service provider for Mitsubishi mini split systems in the West Chester, PA area.

A mini split heating and cooling system provides a customizable experience that gives you the power to create the perfect indoor temperature from room to room while allowing you to save money in the process. These systems are also easier to install than traditional HVAC systems, and they utilize energy more efficiently.

How Does a Mitsubishi Mini Split Work?

Put simply, a mini split system works by using a single heating and cooling unit that connects to individual mini units and thermostats placed in desired rooms. This means you can change the temperature in one room without affecting another which helps slash utility bills.

Advantages of Mini Splits

When it comes to saving money and using energy efficiently, mini split systems from Mitsubishi stand head and shoulders above traditional ducted systems. This is because systems that use ducts require you to heat or cool your whole home or business when you change the thermostat, even if you just wish a single room was warmer or cooler. A mini split only uses energy to target the specific zones you choose. You lose less energy because you’re going straight from the source to the desired area, versus having the warm or cool air travel through ducts.

Mitsubishi also offers single- and multi-zone mini splits systems. This is advantageous as it gives you the ability to save even more money by choosing which system works best for your needs. If you have a single area that needs customizable heating and cooling, a single-zone system could be the answer. Alternatively, if there are multiple areas you’d like to target, then you might want to go with a multi-zone system that lets you decide how many additional indoor units you want to utilize for optimum indoor comfort. If you’re unsure what type of unit you’ll need, the experts at Timothy Off are more than happy to offer their advice.

Mitsubishi Mini Split SystemThe Components of a Mitsubishi Mini Split

While the technology behind mini split heating and cooling systems is advanced, the components of a Mitsubishi mini split can be broken down into a few important pieces, including:

Condensing and Compression Unit

The condensing and compression unit is the component that drives the mini split system. It remains outside of the home and is used to create the air that is circulated through the connected lines that run to the indoor air handlers.

Refrigerant, Drain and Power Lines

One main advantage a mini split system has over traditional ducted systems is that mini splits only require about a three-inch hole to be placed in the wall of each conditioned room. These holes are used to run lines through, including a power line for each indoor unit, a refrigerant line for cooling and a drain line for condensation.

Thermostats and Remote Controls

Each room receives its own thermostat controls via a wall-mounted unit, but Mitsubishi systems also include a convenient remote control to change the temperature without having to access the wall mounted thermostat.

Indoor Air Handlers

Finally, the indoor air handlers blow out the heated or cooled air to keep you comfortable at your desired setting. Heating units include a fan-blown coil, while the cooling is created via refrigerant in the dedicated lines.

Additional Perks of a Mini Splits

Although the savings you experience on your utility costs is the main perk of installing a Mitsubishi mini split, these systems also provide additional perks like adjustable air flow, programmable timers and washable air filters. Combined, these benefits can save you even more money while providing added convenience and comfort.

Install A Mitsubishi Mini Split System Today

To learn more about how a Mitsubishi mini split system might be the right fit for your home or business in the West Chester, PA area, contact the indoor air comfort specialists at Timothy Off. You can also request a free installation estimate from a certified, trained technician who can help you find the right solutions to keep you comfortable all year long while saving money and utilizing less energy.

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