What Size Heat Pump Do I Need?

What Size Heat Pump Do I Need

Convenient and efficient are two words that come to mind when talking about heat pumps. These systems provide the heating and cooling services needed to keep up with the temperature changes in West Chester, PA and the surrounding area. However, to meet your desired level of comfort, it is important to choose the right size heat pump for your home. If you’re a little confused about where to start, don’t worry. The experts at Timothy Off are here to help. We have the training and expertise necessary to provide recommendations for your home or business.

Why Size Matters For Heat Pumps

A heat pump that is too big or too small for your home has major consequences. You may experience higher energy bills or require expensive repairs that would otherwise be unnecessary if your heat pump was the correct size for your space. Heat pumps that are undersized often experience excessive strain. They are constantly working to produce the indoor temperatures you want. This means the unit will break down prematurely. On the other hand, if your heat pump is too big for your home you are wasting energy as well. So, how do you properly size a heat pump? Well, let’s take a look.

8 Factors of Manual J

Other than HVAC professionals not many individuals understand what Manual J is. This is the standard sizing guidelines used by the HVAC industry to determine the size of heating and cooling appliances needed in a home. Manual J was first created by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. It includes the following 8 factors we utilize when helping to determine what size heat pump you need:

  • Local climate
  • The square footage and shape of your home
  • The number of openings and locations of each throughout the home
  • The amount of air filtration in the home
  • The quantity and quality of the home’s insulation regarding the home’s geo-location
  • Number of occupants
  • Temperature preference of homeowners
  • Number of heat generating appliances and their location in the home

Additional Considerations When Sizing a Heat Pump

When the right size heat pump for your home has been determined, there are some of other factors that must be considered. These include:

  • Energy Efficiency Rating: This rating can be found through SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). As we have 4 times more heating than cooling hours in our climate one may argue HSPF is more critical than the SEER rating. When comparing the different ratings, the higher the number the more efficiently the unit will operate.
  • Type of Blower Motor: There are various types of blower motors installed in heat pumps. These can include fixed speed, multi-speed and variable speed. The design of each of these different types of blower motors does have a big impact on the efficiency of the unit.
  • Compressor Type: There are three different types of compressors installed in a heat pump. These include single stage, 2-stage, and variable capacity. The single stage compressor provides heating and cooling when the unit is set on full blast settings. The two-stage compressor has two different level settings that you can choose from for controlling indoor temperatures. A variable speed heat pump meets your comfort needs by adjusting the output capacity.
  • Cost: Cost should not be the main factor you consider when selecting your heat pump. While a higher efficiency heat pump with premium ratings may cost a little more initially, they tend to save you the most money over time.

There’s No Substitution for HVAC Professionals

Whenever you encounter the need for heat pump installation or repair services, contacting the professionals is the way to go. At Timothy Off, you can rest assured we have the answers. Our company has built a solid reputation serving West Chester, PA and surrounding communities. We understand what is needed when selecting the heating and cooling systems that deliver the best results for your indoor comfort. Contact our customer care center or call us at 1-610-701-9020 to schedule an appointment today. Our highly trained HVAC technicians are happy to answer all of your questions.

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