How to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

air conditionerSpring is here, which means summer isn’t far behind – and neither is using your air conditioner. But before you power up the central air system to start cooling your home, we suggest cleaning it. This will give you cooler air, better air quality, and lower energy bills.

How to Clean the Outside

First, start by cleaning the outside of the unit. Your air conditioner often sucks in dirt, debris, and glass clippings from outside, which can block the airflow. Turn off the electrical power and vacuum the “fins” with a bristled vacuum extension.

You can also clean the fan itself by unscrewing the top of the unit and pulling out the fan.

If you’ve had the unit off for more than four hours, don’t immediately start it back up. Switch the inside thermostat to “Off”, then turn it on and let it warm up for 24 hours before switching your thermostat back to “Cool.”

How to Clean the Inside

Air conditioners use a filter to trap dust, dirt, and other debris, and they need to be changed every 1-2 months in order to maximize your airflow. Start by turning off the power so that the unit doesn’t blow dust and dirt everywhere. Then, remove the filter and either replace it (if they’re disposable) or clean it.

To clean the unit even further, you can also vacuum the compartment, which usually collects dust and dirt as well.

A clean air conditioner will help keep you comfortable all summer long. If your air conditioner is 15 years old or older, springtime is a great time to replace it. Click here for more information on air conditioning service or contact us and one of our experts will help you decide which unit is right for you.

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