7 Ways to Unclog a Drain

What to Try Before Calling Our Plumbing Pros

If you own a home, you’ve probably experienced a clogged drain at one point or another. Being West Chester plumbing repair experts, we’ve had to unclog many drains – but if your clog isn’t severe, we can offer some simple ways to get your pipes flowing freely again:

1. Salt & Baking Soda

Mix 1/2 cup of salt with 1/2 cup of baking soda and pour it down your clogged drain. After about 15 minutes, pour boiling water down the drain and wait for the chemical reaction to break down your clog.

2. Boiling Water

This is one of the simplest way to unclog a drain – just bring some water to a boil in a kettle, pot, or in the microwave and pour a little down the drain. Let it sit for a few seconds, then pour a little more. Do this three or four times to loosen the clog.

3. Sodium Hydroxide

Fill a bucket with 3/4 gallon of cold water, then add 3 cups of Sodium Hydroxide (otherwise known as Caustic soda) and stir well. The mixture should start to fizz and warm up. Pour the mixture down the drain and wait about 15 minutes, then follow it with boiling water. (You can find Sodium Hydroxide at your local hardware store.)

4. Plunger

Another simple way to unclog a drain. You use a plunger to unclog a toilet – so why not use it to unclog a drain?

5. A Wire Hanger

Cut the top off of a wire hanger and straighten it out as much as possible. Bend one end to make a hook and lower it down the drain. Use it like a fishhook to pull what’s clogging the drain up and once you’re done, run the hot water for a few minutes.

6. Vinegar & Baking Soda

Mix 1/3 cup vinegar with 1/3 cup baking soda. As soon as it starts to fizz, pour it down the drain and let it sit overnight. In the morning, rinse it out with hot water.

7. A Wet/Dry Vacuum

Since you’re dealing with both wet and dry elements, don’t be afraid to use a wet/dry vacuum on your clog in order to suck it right out. There are many different kinds of wet/dry vacuums, so be sure to read your manual before attempting.

If you’ve tried these methods and they just don’t seem to be working, call the experts at Tim Off. We can use our expertise and our state-of-the-art plumbing repair tools to make sure your drains are unclogged.

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