Energy: Conservation vs. Efficiency

Despite Beliefs, They’re Different Things

energy conservation vs efficiency

As a Coatesville air conditioning company, we help many of our customers understand the difference between energy conservation and energy efficiency. Many people use the terms interchangeably, but in reality, they actually mean two different things:

Energy conservation means an effort to use less energy and is often done when you change your habits. Energy efficiency, on the other hand, means reducing the measurement of energy used to provide a level of performance.

For example: When it comes to electricity, if you turned your lights at night, you’d be conserving energy, but this would affect your comfort. Instead, you could still use your lights at night, but use lower wattage lights or “green” lights like CFLs in order to be energy efficient.

Another example would be your air conditioning. You could conserve energy by not using it very often, but you’d probably be pretty hot. Or, you could install a programmable thermostat that turns your air off when you’re not around in order to be energy efficient.

Today, many appliances like refrigerators, HVAC systems, washers, dryers, and more are made to be more energy efficient. When it comes to “going green,” many efforts are a combination of these energy efficient technologies and energy conservation by their users.

For a great list of ways you can help the environment, read our “15 Ways to Go Green” and “15 More Ways to Go Green” blog articles and tell us what you do to leave a smaller carbon footprint!

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