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Many homeowners think they understand how the plumbing in their homes works, but there are also many who don’t.

Your home’s plumbing is made up of two separate systems – one that brings in fresh water and one that gets rid of dirty water. These systems operate together to help you and your family lead cleaner, healthier lives.


Fresh Water

The pipes that deliver fresh water to your faucets are laid underground and are connected to larger pipes that travel all the way to a water tower. Water in the water tower travels through these pipes via a high-pressure pump, which gives the water enough pressure to travel upstairs and around corners. In every home, there’s a main “shutoff” valve that you can close during emergency situations to prevent water from flooding your home (like if a pipe bursts).

Dirty Water

Dirty water that gets carried out of your home doesn’t rely on pressure like fresh water does. Instead, they simply rely on gravity. All of the pipes that carry dirty water away are angled downward toward a sewer system or septic tank. There are also vents, however, that help the flow of this water. These vents are located on the top of your home and allow air to move the dirty water smoothly. There are also traps in the S-shaped parts of your pipes that block sewer gas from traveling back up the pipe and into your home.

When you understand that pressure and gravity play large parts in how your plumbing system operates, you can make some easy repairs to it yourself. For larger repairs, however, trust the plumbing service experts at Timothy Off.

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