Troubleshooting: Central Air Conditioners

air conditioner troubleshootingA Few Tips from Our Air Conditioning Experts

Just like heat pumps can experience trouble (view our troubleshooting blog here), central air conditioners can act up every once in awhile. If you’re having trouble with yours, try these steps. If you’re still having trouble, call our air conditioning service experts.

1. Make sure your air conditioner is set to “Cool” and turn the temperature down a few degrees below your home’s current temperature.

Does the fan come on? (Do you feel air coming from your registers?)

2. If not, check the circuit breakers on the compressor and the blower and make sure they’re both in the “on” position. If your unit has a condensate overflow tray, check to make sure that it’s not full.

3. If the fan does come on, is the air cold? If not, check your filter. If it’s dirty, replace it. The problem also may lie in the condenser or if your refrigerant is low.

4. If your air is coming out cool but you’re experiencing poor airflow, check your filter and replace it if it’s dirty. Also check your ductwork to make sure there are no disconnections or blockages.

5. If your unit won’t stop running, take the cover off of the condenser and make sure nothing is blocking the airflow. Also check the fan blades – if they are bent, straighten them out. If they’re dirty, clean them.

6. Another common problem is water pooling under the evaporator. If this happens, your drain is probably clogged. You can do this yourself, but it’s easier to just call us.

If you haven’t found your problem or you’re still having problems, let our air conditioning service experts help. Give us a call today.

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