4 Up-and-Coming HVAC Technologies

What’s New in the HVAC World

air-conditioningAt Timothy Off, we love hearing about new HVAC technologies on the market. We recently came across an article from Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News that shared a few “game changers” in the HVAC industry. We thought we’d share:

The Chromasun Micro-Concentrator

This high-performance solar thermal energy collector is designed to work with commercial rooftops. When it’s combined with a natural gas and/or solar-driven absorber, it creates a heat pump that can be used to heat hot water. Its best use will be in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and similar buildings. The heat pump will take up less than 200 square feet and will be designed to be up to 140 perfect effective. It should be available in about two years.

The Truefresh Ventilation System

Honeywell currently offers a ventilation system that, when paired with their Wi-Fi VisionPRO 8000 Touchscreen Thermostat, can create ventilation control that improves comfort and minimizes energy costs. The duo can control the supply and the exhaust ventilation to keep the home balanced as well as recover a large portion of the energy in the exhausted air. For example: on a summer day, the system can take the cool air leaving your home and use it to pre-cool the air that will be pumped into your home.

The EcoNet Smart Home System

The EcoNet Smart Home System from Rheem gives homeowners the power to control their heating, cooling, and water heating systems using one device. The system can be synced to a smartphone or tablet so that homeowners can check the system status, adjust temperatures, set schedules, and more. The device is also made to make contractors’ jobs easier and ultimately, can save homeowners money in utility costs.

The TacoGenie

Despite its name, the TacoGenie from Taco has nothing to do with the food. The TacoGenie is actually a hot water recirculation solution that can deliver hot water to faucets and taps on command. This can save homeowners money on both water and energy. When the pump is activated, it will collect cool water that normally goes down the drain and heat it instead. When the heated water reaches the faucet, the circulator shuts off and the hot water is ready to use. It also has a built-in temperature sensor to prevent over-pumping.

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