Could “Smart Vents” Be the Future of HVAC?

smart vents

Heating and Air Conditioning Innovation

If you have a central heating system, you’ve probably had an experience where the temperature of one room is different than the temperature of another. This could stem from one room having more vents than the other, a blocked vent, or an item obstructing a vent. No matter what the cause, a business in Clearwater, Florida has come up with a way to solve it.

EcoNet, a Home Automation Products manufacturer, created a series of HVAC vents called Z-Vents. These vents operate on two AAA batteries and let you directly control the flow of heat or air conditioning in each room. The vents are made to directly replace your home’s air vents and they connect wirelessly to a controller, your computer, or your smart phone.

The Z-Vents also come with a “scene” feature, which makes them even “smarter.” The feature that lets you program them to adjust accordingly to the occupancy of the room, so when your family is hanging out in the living room, the vents will open while the vents in the bedroom will shut (since no one is in there). At night, when everyone goes to bed, the system will reverse.

You can also set scenes like “party” or “dinner” so all of the vents open during a party and just the vents in the dining room open during dinner.

So what do you think – are these “smart vents” the future of HVAC? Right now, they retail for about $95 each and come in two different colors and an array of sizes to fit your home.