Do You Really Need HVAC Maintenance?

Preventative HVAC Maintenance Plans

The answer to the question is a simple “Yes.” Like your car, all mechanical devices require some level of maintenance to ensure proper operation. Preventative HVAC maintenance plans exist to keep your system running safely and efficiently. You could be wasting valuable energy and putting your family at risk by not regularly inspecting your HVAC equipment. Your heating and cooling systems, especially those over 10 years old, can start to degrade and cost you more money to operate. If you live in Chester, Delaware or Montgomery county in Pennsylvania, you can prevent costly repairs and premature system replacement with an HVAC maintenance plan from Timothy Off.

Benefits of Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Cleaning your HVAC system and making sure all moving parts are functioning properly won’t satisfy a requirement or get you a fancy sticker like a car inspection, but it will provide lasting benefits. You use your HVAC system day in and day out, so it makes sense to pay attention to it. Performing regular heating and air conditioning system maintenance will help your wallet and your quality of life.

HVAC Maintenance Plans Benefits

What to Expect from Heating or Cooling Maintenance

At Timothy Off, our preventative HVAC maintenance plans come with comprehensive checks and cleaning of your important HVAC components. By making sure your system is clean and running smoothly you protect your property from damage and will save on your energy bills.

Changing or Cleaning of Filters

Regularly changing your air filters is the simplest way to help your HVAC system perform at its best. We can replace your standard air filters or clean your electrostatic filters to keep your clean air flowing.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Any moving parts can overheat and break down if excess friction is present. Ensuring all parts are properly lubricated helps things run smoothly which can decrease energy consumption.

Blower Cleaning & Adjustment

Your system’s blower is a major component that can affect your system’s ability to provide adequate temperature control. Blower issues can decrease equipment efficiency if not managed properly.

Check A/C Refrigerant

An air conditioner that is under or overcharged will limit your HVAC system’s performance. Ensuring there are no leaks or issues with your refrigerant will extend the life of your air conditioner.

Check Heating Fuel Lines

Your gas or oil connections are a dangerous hazard if not sealed properly. Checking these connections regularly will ensure safe heater operation and limit the risk of fire or other health-related issues.

Inspecting Electrical Connections

Once a new system is installed, people often forget about all of the wires that connect the electronics. Loose wire connections are dangerous, can short out your system, and can even cause a fire.

Clear Out Condensate Drain

Your air conditioner produces condensation that may collect in a pan or condensate pump. If your drain is clogged you risk water damage to your property, especially for units that are in the attic.

Learn About Timothy Off’s Preventative HVAC Maintenance Plans

Trust the expert HVAC technicians at Timothy Off to keep your system running safely and at optimal performance. Our preventative HVAC maintenance plans are designed to save you money over the life of your system. We’ll help it function efficiently and save you the hassle of changing filters and cleaning parts in hard-to-reach places. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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Our authorized specialists will perform important maintenance services on your equipment twice during the year: once to help prepare for the heating season, and once to help prepare for the cooling season.

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