Dubai Is Creating an Air-Conditioned City

Would You Move There?


If you haven’t heard of Dubai, it’s a wealthy city in the United Arab Emirates (situated between Oman and Saudi Arabia) that’s known as one of the most elaborate tourist hot-spots, bringing in millions of visitors every year. Dubai’s most recent idea is to expand the tourism aspect and do something that would keep visitors coming year round: turn itself into the world’s first air-conditioned city.

The temperature-controlled area is projected to be 48 million square feet. Inside it will be an eight million square-foot shopping mall, which will be in the form of a retail street network. Once completed, it will be the largest shopping mall in the world. An indoor theme park (also the world’s largest, once completed) will also be built within the city and will be enclosed in a glass dome in the summer and open in the winter.

The project was launched this summer by Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE, Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (who is also the ruler of Dubai), and aims to bring in around 180 million tourists annually.

In an article by Khaleej Times, Shaikh Mohammed says he wants to transform Dubai into multi-faceted hub for both locals and tourists.

“Our ambitions are higher than having seasonal tourism,” he says. “Tourism is the key driver of our economy and we aim to make the UAE an attractive destination all year long. This is why we will start working on providing pleasant temperature-controlled environments during the summer months. We are confident of our economy’s strength, optimistic about our country’s future and we continue to broaden our vision.”

The area will also include a wellness center that offers medical tourists quality healthcare, rejuvenation services, cosmetic treatments, and specialized surgeries. A cultural celebration area, complete with a theater district, will serve as a place for national and multinational events. Plus, 100 hotels are being built, giving the area a total of 20,000 rooms for visitors.

The entire air-conditioned area will be built using environmentally friendly guidelines and will use technology that reduces energy consumption.

So what do you think… would you go to an air-conditioned city for a vacation?

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