New Air Conditioner Targets Where to Cool

air conditioningA New Way to Stay Comfortable

Have you ever tried to position your air conditioner so that it blows right where you want it, only to find that moments later, it’s not working the way you want it to? Well Mitsubishi is out to change that.

The Kirigamine Z Series

The Japanese conglomerate has developed a new series of air conditioners that target the warmest areas of your body. With infrared sensors, the┬áKirigamine Z Series can┬ádetect your body temperature, where you are in the room, and who else is in the room with you. They will even take into account the position you’re in – whether you’re standing, sitting, or lying down.

Then, using their own temperature maps and precision-controlled flaps, they can determine which airflow pattern (of over 34 billion) is the best way to cool the warm parts of your body without making the already cool parts even colder.

If you’re interested in a technologically advanced air conditioner like the Kirigamine Z Series ones, they’re set to release in November, but be prepared to pay a price estimate of around $3,500.