What to Know About the R-410A Phase Out

R-410A Phase Out

Many homeowners who purchased an HVAC system for their homes over the last decade thought that they were being environmentally friendly by upgrading to an R-410A system. Now, it has been shown that R-410A is not as environmentally friendly as first thought, and an R-410A phase out is set to begin in January 2023.

What Is The R-410A Phase Out?

The R-410A phase out will begin in January 2023. To begin, manufacturers will stop producing new units that use this type of coolant in their HVAC systems. Retailers and installation companies will also stop selling these units starting in January. If you need to purchase a new HVAC unit, you will have access to more environmentally friendly models. The R-410A phase out will likely cause the cost of this refrigerant to increase because it will no longer be produced. This means that homeowners with units that use this coolant need to expect to pay more when they have their units serviced.

How Long Until the Phase Out Is Complete?

To ensure that most homeowners get full lifespan use from their current HVAC units, the R-410A phase out will not be complete for about ten years. This is the same way it happened when Freon was phased out for being too toxic for the environment. Most HVAC units only last 10 to 15 years, so most homeowners will have replaced or will need to replace their HVAC units before the total ban on this refrigerant is in effect.

Will I Be Penalized for Keeping My Current Unit?

No, you will not be penalized for keeping your current unit. The only “penalty” you will face is having to pay higher prices for refills of this coolant until you upgrade your HVAC system to a new unit using one of the more environmentally friendly coolants.

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