This Year Could Be the Year of Home Connectivity

The Relationship Between Your Home and Your HVAC System

The Internet of Things is gaining popularity, which means we could soon see connections between our home appliances that change the way we live. This article by Business Wire talks about the potential that 2017 has to be the year of home connectivity:

“You are winding up the day at work. At home, the oven turns on to cook dinner —and it lets the air conditioning system know. The AC then automatically adjusts to deliver more cool air to the kitchen to counteract the oven’s additional heat.

That’s the type of advanced home interconnectivity that is on the horizon, and 2017 could be a watershed year for advancements in how your home’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system functions as part of your smart home.

“Smart phones revolutionized our lives in part because they enabled countless apps to make our lives easier and richer in more automated ways,” said Rob Haines, marketing manager for Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning. “We predict that in 2017, app developers will focus even more on newer Smart Home device apps that let all of your home’s systems and appliances interact, and some apps will include new advancements in how your home’s HVAC system works to keep you comfortable.”

For example, smart thermostats and sophisticated newer HVAC systems can currently send alerts to the homeowner about energy usage and regular maintenance such as filter changes. Future systems enhancements may identify a potential furnace or AC failure before it happens and alert the heating and air conditioning repair company to contact the homeowner to schedule a system inspection. The technician will arrive with advance knowledge about the specific problem, allowing them to have on-hand the correct parts to repair it.

Another advancement may be the innovative development of the use of infrared heat sensing inside the home that could help determine which rooms are in use by family and guests—and direct heating and cooling specifically to those rooms.

“Zoned heating and cooling systems have been one of the fastest growing parts of the HVAC industry for several years, and that will remain a big opportunity to increase the comfort of the home,” said Haines. “Increasingly, systems will focus on heating and cooling specific rooms or groups of rooms as needed to enhance comfort and energy efficiency, versus heating and cooling the whole house all the time.”

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