Why Clean Indoor Air Is Important

The Health Benefits of Quality Air

indoor air quality

We all know that outdoor air pollution can be dangerous, but what many don’t realize is that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air – and it can be a danger to our health. If you have a heating or cooling system that uses air ducts to move warm or cool air throughout your home, you and your family could be subject to airborne particles like:

Particulates: Particulates are indoor air particles that include fibers, dust, dirt, smoke, and soot from a fireplace or wood stove. Larger particulates are usually caught in the nose or throat and are coughed out or swallowed. Tinier particulates (called “respirable” particulates), however, bypass our defense system and can be inhaled into the lungs.

Bioaerosols: Bioaerosols are tiny pollutants that include bacteria, dust mites, insect remains, pet dander, mold, fungi, and pollen. These are often the cause of allergies and asthma attacks. Some mold and fungi can even be toxic to humans and can easily affect those with weaker immune systems.

Short-Term Health Conditions

If your indoor air is polluted with particles, it could cause several short-term health conditions like headaches, fatigue, congestion, nausea, dry eyes, and sneezing. While these conditions aren’t serious threats, they are still unpleasant and bad for your health.

Long-Term Health Conditions

While many air-related health problems only occur when your HVAC system is clogged or dirty, there are some long-term conditions that can arise, such as:

* Asthma, a chronic lung disease that inflames and constricts the airways.

* Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis, an inflammation of lung tissue when exposed to certain dust particles.

* Humidifier Fever, a respiratory illness cause by exposure to bacteria or fungi in humidifiers or air conditioners

How to Keep Your Air Clean

You can keep your air clean just by keeping your home clean. Make sure you dust and vacuum regularly to prevent build up. Also make sure you change or clean your air filters once every 2-3 months to prevent particles from being circulated throughout your home. If you have pets or family members with allergies, change them more often. You can also consider sealing your air ducts internally.

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