8 Easy DIY Bathroom Projects

What You Can Take on Yourself

At Timothy Off, we service bathrooms all over the Greater Philadelphia area, which means our plumbing repair experts have seen their fair share of them. If your bathroom is in need of an update, we have some great DIY projects that you can easily do in a weekend to transform it:

New Lighting

Lighting can make a big difference in any room – especially a bathroom. If your lighting fixtures are old, updating them can bring a fresh, modern touch. Try a trio of bell-shaped lights above the mirror or some sleek rectangular lights on either side. You can even attach rope lighting underneath your cabinets for some floor illumination that glows at night.

Tub Transformation

If you have a bathtub you never use, why not transform it into a shower? Tubs can take up a lot of room and by installing a shower, you can not only add to the design of your bathroom, but you can add to its efficiency. In addition, because showers use less water than bath tubs, you can save water and improve your carbon footprint.

Updated Tile

If you already have a shower and it’s starting to look dated, a simple tile update can make a big difference. Choose a tile pattern and style that complements the rest of your decor and a color that you can easily pair with others.

Sink Storage

Do you have a pedestal sink? If you do, you know that you’re missing out on the storage that a vanity sink can offer. However, there’s a great way to not only add storage to a pedestal sink, but also add a touch of character. By wrapping some fabric around the sink and extending it to the floor, you can create a sink “curtain” that hides everything behind it.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Even though your medicine cabinet is designed to be a practical component of your bathroom, it can also be an element of design. If your medicine cabinet is plain or bare, spruce it up a little with a bright color, a fun pattern, or some decoration. You can even paint the inside with chalkboard paint and write daily messages.

Bold Mirror

The easiest way to add some character to a bathroom is with a bold mirror. Don’t be afraid to choose one with a large frame, a unique shape, lighting accents, and more. Even though it’s just one part of your bathroom, it can make a striking statement.

Homemade Shower Curtain

If you love DIY projects, a homemade shower curtain is a great idea. All you have to do is purchase a plain-colored curtain and then you can add a design or a pattern using ribbon, paint, buttons, fabric, and more. This can not only save you money, but it can give you the opportunity to perfectly complement the other embellishments in the bathroom.

Creative Storage

Everyone needs bathroom storage, so why not make your storage creative and fun? Try a towel rack made out of a ladder, a toilet paper holder made from a pretty basket, a shelving unit above the toilet, and other clever ideas.

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