6 Big Companies Using Renewable Energy

wind power

Some May Surprise You

At Timothy Off, we know how important it is to go green – especially if you’re a big company. We’re proud to say that there are several major worldwide companies that have made large efforts to invest and produce renewable energy. A few include:


Back in 2013, Microsoft committed to being a carbon-neutral company. It is currently invested in several renewable energy sites throughout the country, including solar power in California, wind power in Texas, and hydroelectricity in Washington. The company is also building its first zero-carbon data plant in Wyoming that will be powered by fuel cell and biogas technology.


Google has been working to be 100% renewable energy-powered company and has been working toward their goal since the early 2000s. In 2007, the company installed the largest corporate solar panel installation of its kind at one of its California campuses and continues to expand it today. Google also invests in a large number of clean energy projects including those that deal with renewable energies in other countries.

Whole Foods

Perhaps not surprising, Whole Foods focuses on reducing, reusing, and recycling their materials. From composting to employing a paperless ordering system to holding community recycling drives, the company has been dedicated to green choices. It also currently invests in wind power to offset 100% of the electricity used in their stores and facilities, and utilizes solar panels in several stores.


Ikea has a goal of being 100% powered by renewable energy by the year 2020. Right now, the company is in the process of installing 550,000 solar panels on 120 stores and warehouses around the world. It has also invested in wind power in the U.S., U.K., France, Denmark, Germany, and more, and is working to cut carbon emissions by shipping more products in fewer trucks.


All of Sony’s Global Environmental Management System sites in Europe are powered by 100% renewable energy and the company has plans to reduce the annual energy consumption of its products by 30% by 2020. It also has a goal of using renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions by 300,000 tons by the same time.


Since 2005, Walmart has been investing in both solar power and wind power. As of today, the company is invested in more than 330 renewable energy projects around the world, which provide 2.2 billion kWh of electricity on an annual basis. Walmart also operates a 1 MW wind turbine in California and has implemented LED lighting in stores in Brazil, the U.S., Japan, Mexico, the U.K., and more.


As part of their Kohl’s Cares program, Kohl’s has been making a conscious effort to use renewable energies like solar power and wind power both in their stores and outside of them. More than 160 of their stores use solar panels to provide around 40% of the power each store uses. Kohl’s is also part of the EPA Green Power Partnership and is currently testing wind turbines at two different sites for future use.

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