The Secrets Behind Seasonal Allergies

What You May Not Know

seasonal allergies

At Timothy Off, we offer an indoor air quality test because clean indoor air can not only improve your health, but it can also relieve your seasonal allergies. If you haven’t already begun suffering from fall’s seasonal allergies, we’re sure you’ll start to feel them soon. Our company dove into what exactly causes allergies and why:


You may blame your allergies on pollen, dander, or other allergens, but in all reality, it isn’t the allergens that are causing your itchy eyes or runny nose – it’s your immune system. If you suffer from allergies, it’s because your immune system believes that common airborne allergens are a threat to your body and they work to eliminate them. This causes symptoms like nasal congestion, watery eyes, sore throat, and more.

Allergen Relationships

Allergens can actually interact with each other, which is why many people who have allergic reactions to pollen also have allergic reactions to food with similar proteins (like fruits and vegetables). These interactions can heighten if experienced at the same time (say, if you eat strawberries while in a flower field).

Seasonal Allergy Causes

Each season can bring different allergic reactions, but there’s usually a certain type of allergen that’s responsible for allergies each season:

Spring: Tree pollen; flower pollen
Summer: Grass pollen; weed pollen
Fall: Weed pollen
Winter: Indoor allergens

Onset Allergies

While many people suffer from seasonal allergies, some didn’t always have them. Growing up, you may have never had a problem once spring came around but now, you seize up as soon as you see buds on a tree. These allergies are called “onset” allergies and they can be triggered by a number of things. One is: If you’re exposed to a specific allergen while you’re weak (say, after you’ve had an infection), you could develop an allergy to it.

Another is: If you’re constantly exposed to an allergen (as you age, you’re exposed to more and more pollen), your body might eventually flag it as a threat and you’ll develop a reaction to it.

Some people actually experience the opposite of onset allergies, and their allergy severity decreases over time. It’s said that this could be because of a weakening immune system with age, which means your body isn’t strong enough to fight the allergens.

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