What Did People Use Before Air Conditioners?

It was 1902 when the first modern air conditioning unit was invented by Willis Carrier and ever since then, people around the world have enjoyed cold, crisp air in the heat of the summer. Although 1902 sounds like a long time ago, remember that people lived long before 1902 without air conditioning. So how exactly did they keep cool? Our air conditioning experts explain.

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On Using the Sun’s Heat for Cool Air…

At Timothy Off, our heating and cooling experts are always interested in the latest energy news. Recently, we discovered an article from nature, an international weekly journal of science, that discusses the ability to turn solar energy into air conditioning. Here, we share the article.

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6 Common HVAC Myths

Whether it’s during the frigid days of winter or the hottest days of summer, everyone wants to get the most out of their HVAC unit. However, there are common myths going around about HVAC that simply aren’t true, so we thought our we’d set the record straight.

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4 Reasons Your Air Conditioner May Overheat

It’s been a hot summer here in the Northeast, and at our West Chester cooling company, we’ve seen our fair share of home air conditioning problems. If your air conditioner has overheated or you’re afraid it may, here are some of the most common reasons for it.

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The Difference Between Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Installation

Summer is in full swing, and you probably have your air conditioner or heat pump working hard to keep you cool. But have you ever wondered what the difference is between an air conditioner and a heat pump, and if the one you have is the right one for you and your family? Here are the main differences between the two.

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The Many Uses of Geothermal Energy

Today, the use of geothermal energy is growing in a wide variety of industries, and is used for many more processes and applications than you may think. Here are some of the most popular.

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