Stop! Don’t Put These Things Down the Drain

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While drains (especially ones with garbage disposals) and pretty convenient for getting rid of foods and beverages you don’t want, there are some things that simply shouldn’t be put down them. Think twice before you head toward your sink or toilet with these items.

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How Do Airplane Toilets Work?

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If you’ve ever gone to the bathroom on an airplane, you’re familiar with that loud, telltale “woosh” sound after you flush. But have you ever wondered exactly how the plumbing works on an aircraft? Here, our plumbing professionals explain.

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5 Common Toilet Issues and Their Causes

5 Common Toilet Issues and Their Causes

Does your toilet run constantly? Does it flush slowly? Maybe it gets clogged on a regular basis. No matter what the issue, our plumbing experts know how frustrating toilet problems can be. Here are the most common issues and the reasons they may be happening.

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5 Holiday Plumbing Tips

Tis the season for holiday entertaining and our plumbing experts know that the last thing you want is plumbing issues while you have guests in your home. That’s why we’ve listed a few holiday plumbing tips to keep your pipes running smoothly.

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8 Easy DIY Bathroom Projects

At Timothy Off, we service bathrooms all over the Greater Philadelphia area, which means our plumbing repair experts have seen their fair share of them. If your bathroom is in need of an update, we have some great DIY projects that you can easily do in a weekend to transform it.

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Frozen Pipes: What to Know

Freezing temperatures can cause some serious damage to your home, and most of the time it comes in the form of frozen pipes. Every year, millions of families experience major damage to their home from frozen or burst pipes, which can end up being a huge hassle and a lot of money to repair. Here’s what you should know about frozen pipes.

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How to Clean Faucets and Fixtures

You’re probably aware that we at Timothy Off are known for our heating and air conditioning services. What you may not know, however, is that we also offer quality plumbing services. One of the many questions we’re asked is, “How do I properly clean my faucets and fixtures?” Here are some tips for the most common metal types.

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4 Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners

There are probably not many times when your pets and your plumbing are in the same thought, but they’re actually quite related when you’re a homeowner with furry friends. Our Exton plumbing repair specialists have a few tips for you to help keep your plumbing flowing smoothly and to protect your pets.

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