Our Latest Sewer Lateral Replacement

sewer line replacement

Most of the time, home plumbing issues are simple fixes. Sometimes, however, you encounter an issue that’s more serious and requires more expertise. At Timothy Off, we offer professional excavation services that can address underground plumbing problems. This includes sewer line replacement and repairs.

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We’re Here for Your Heating Needs!

heating repair

Here in Pennsylvania, we’re in the midst of a pretty mean nor’easter that has brought freezing temperatures, strong winds, and lots of snow. We know you’re relying on your heat to keep you warm throughput the storm and we just want to remind you – we’re here in case you experience trouble!

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6 Common HVAC Myths

Whether it’s during the frigid days of winter or the hottest days of summer, everyone wants to get the most out of their HVAC unit. However, there are common myths going around about HVAC that simply aren’t true, so we thought our we’d set the record straight.

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4 Benefits of Financing Your HVAC Installation

At our Exton heating and cooling company, we know that not everyone has the money up front for a new HVAC installation. That’s why we offer our customers 60 months of special financing with approved credit, via Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. If you’re thinking of financing, but aren’t sure what the benefits are, we’re here to help.

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Why Is Zimbabwe Banning Electric Water Heaters?

When it comes to water heaters, the majority of households have either an electric-powered water heater or a gas-powered water heater. These two types are the most common water heaters. So why, then, did the African country of Zimbabwe recently ban electric water heaters (also called ‘geysers’) from their homes?

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How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

Fixing a leaky faucet is usually a simple task that you can do yourself, and our Coatesville plumbing experts are here to help. Follow the steps below and you should be able to put an end to that dripping.

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What to Consider When Replacing Your Air Conditioner

With the weather warming up, our Exton air conditioning company has been getting more and more calls for air conditioner replacements. While we’re dedicated to customer satisfaction and have been trusted for years, there are a few things you might want to consider before replacing your air conditioner:

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Our authorized specialists will perform important maintenance services on your equipment twice during the year: once to help prepare for the heating season, and once to help prepare for the cooling season.

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