How Your Roof & Attic Affect Your Air Conditioning

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Our air conditioning experts know it’s been a hot summer so far. If you’ve found yourself struggling to keep your home cool, you may be in need of a new air conditioner. However, if your air conditioner is working properly and is fairly new, the culprit of your may actually be your roof. Here’s how your roof and attic can affect your air conditioning quality.

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Give Your Air Conditioning a Test Run

air conditioning experts

If you haven’t yet, the air conditioning experts at Timothy Off recommend you turn on your air conditioner a little early. By turning it on now and letting it run for a day or so, you can make sure that it’s operating correctly. And if it’s not, it’ll give you enough time for us to adjust it in time for the hot months ahead.

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What Did People Use Before Air Conditioners?

It was 1902 when the first modern air conditioning unit was invented by Willis Carrier and ever since then, people around the world have enjoyed cold, crisp air in the heat of the summer. Although 1902 sounds like a long time ago, remember that people lived long before 1902 without air conditioning. So how exactly did they keep cool? Our air conditioning experts explain.

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6 Common HVAC Myths

Whether it’s during the frigid days of winter or the hottest days of summer, everyone wants to get the most out of their HVAC unit. However, there are common myths going around about HVAC that simply aren’t true, so we thought our we’d set the record straight.

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The Secrets Behind Seasonal Allergies

At Timothy Off, we offer an indoor air quality test because clean indoor air can not only improve your health, but it can also relieve your seasonal allergies. If you haven’t already begun suffering from fall’s seasonal allergies, we’re sure you’ll start to feel them soon. Our company dove into what exactly causes allergies and why.

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What to Consider When Replacing Your Air Conditioner

With the weather warming up, our Exton air conditioning company has been getting more and more calls for air conditioner replacements. While we’re dedicated to customer satisfaction and have been trusted for years, there are a few things you might want to consider before replacing your air conditioner:

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Dubai Is Creating an Air-Conditioned City

If you haven’t heard of Dubai, it’s a wealthy city in the United Arab Emirates (situated between Oman and Saudi Arabia) that’s known as one of the most elaborate tourist hot-spots, bringing in millions of visitors every year. Dubai’s most recent idea is to expand the tourism aspect and do something that would keep visitors coming year round: turn itself into the world’s first air-conditioned city.

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How to Stay Cool While Working Outside

Once summer hits, our air conditioning service calls skyrocket, which means our HVAC technicians are constantly performing installations and maintenance services out in the hot, humid weather. We’ve given our professionals some tips on how to stay cool and safe in the heat, and we thought we’d share them.

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