5 Holiday Plumbing Tips

Tis the season for holiday entertaining and our plumbing experts know that the last thing you want is plumbing issues while you have guests in your home. That’s why we’ve listed a few holiday plumbing tips to keep your pipes running smoothly:

Keep the Grease

Whether you’re deep-frying your Thanksgiving turkey or cooking up some holiday bacon, don’t go pouring the leftover grease or oil down the drain. Because grease congeals, it can easily clog up your sink pipes and cause problems. Instead, pour it into a can and save it for future cooking or use it in your compost.

Don’t Take Advantage of the Disposal

While your garbage disposal may seem to work like magic, it’s really only good at disposing small scraps of food. With that being said, don’t go throwing all of your leftover Thanksgiving food into the sink and expect your disposal to get rid of it all. Dispose of larger items in the garbage and save the smaller ones for the sink.

Only Flush the Basics

If you’re having friends and family members over, make sure you make a note in each bathroom that tells them to only flush the basics (like waste and toilet paper) down the toilet. While other hygienic products (such as baby wipes) may seem flushable, they’re really not supposed to be forced into your plumbing pipes. If they are, it could cause clogs and back-up problems.

Don’t Freeze Your Pipes

Taking a long trip during the holidays? Don’t let your pipes freeze while you’re gone! If you’re planning on turning down your heat to save energy, turn on your faucets just enough to get a slow drip from them. This will relieve pipe pressure and make sure your pipes don’t burst. In addition, open the cabinets that house your pipes to help circulate your home’s heat around them.

If You Have an Issue…

If you do run into an issue during the holidays, don’t be afraid to contact our plumbing experts. Our emergency service is available 24/7, so you won’t have to worry about your problem for long.

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