25 Easy Home DIY Hacks

Easy Fixes You Can Do Yourself

home hacksThis winter has been a tough one – especially when it comes to the cost of heating your home. In order to keep your home warm, you may have had to postpone some of your projects, which is why our heating service experts have come up with a great DIY list. Here are some inexpensive “hacks” to make your life easier:

Living/Family Room

Instead of drilling holes in your wall, hang your curtain rods up with Command hooks. You won’t have to patch the holes if you decide to take them down.

Rip the pages out of an old book and put the hard cover sides over your router to hide it.

For quick, cheap curtains, make them out of painter’s drop cloths, a sheet set, tablecloths, or blankets.

Gather up long cords and slide them through toilet paper rolls for a great way to organize.

Sew a layer of fabric onto the front of a couch pillow, then sew vertically to make “pouches” that hold your TV and DVD remote controls.


Paint the inside of a lamp shade with glitter. You’ll get twice as much light and a really cool effect.

Paint old, small dresser drawers bright colors and use as sit-in shelves.

Buy some decorative fabric and cover your plain window roller blind to make it look more like a curtain.

Use a large pin to poke holes in a dark paper lampshade. You can create a starry scene that you’ll see when the room is dark.

Create “suspended tables” to free up floor space – drill holes in a 1 1/2-inch piece of wood and attach wires. Then, tie the wires together at the top and hang from a ceiling hook.


Add a shelf above your doorway and paint it the same color as the trim. Then, use it to display pottery, vintage kitchen items, cookbooks, etc.

Fasten antique doorknobs to the wall and use them as towel hangers.

Use a plastic hanging shoe organizers to organize packaged snacks in your pantry.

Transfer your spices to small jars with metal lids. Then, attach a magnetic strip underneath your cabinets to hold them in place and make them easily accessible.

Use an old rake head to hang wine glasses.


Hang spice racks to organize your hair products.

Paint an old ladder and use it as a towel rack.

Attach a magnetic strip to the inside of your medicine cabinet door to keep your bobby pins, tweezers, nail clippers, etc. in one place.

Paint large tin cans, then attach them to a piece of plywood. Hang the plywood sideways to make an easy rolled towel container.

Use an old cd tower as a bathroom organizer – just turn it on its side and hang facing upwards.


Use embroidery floss to weave a welcome message onto your screen door.

Dig holes in your garden where you want your plants to go, then place empty pots there. Each season, put your potted plants right in the pots. This will make it easy for you to swap them out.

Cut a foam noodle in half then nail it to the side of your garage to save you from opening your car door into the wall.

If you don’t have a garden shovel, cut out the bottom quarter of an empty quart milk carton and turn the rest into a shovel with a handle.

Drill holes in your fence and fill them with marbles for a colorful, decorative backyard piece.

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