8 More Ways to Stay Warm Without Heat

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Back in October, we wrote a blog titled 8 Ways to Stay Warm Without Heat and got such a great response that our HVAC service experts wanted to do another one with even more ways to stay warm without heat:

1. Buy an electric blanket.

Electric blankets are underrated when it comes to the amount of warmth they provide. Invest in one that’s big enough to fully cover you and you’ll stay nice and toasty. You can even use them to warm up your bed before you go to sleep at night.

2. Keep moving.

Movement promotes bloodflow, which keeps you warm, so do some exercising, work on a craft or hobby, or do some work around the house when you’re cold. You’ll warm up before you know it.

3. Replace your HVAC filter.

HVAC filters are meant to trap dust, dirt, and allergens, which means if you don’t change them regularly, they can clog and make your heating inefficient. Be sure to replace yours to get the most from your heater.

4. Seal out drafts.

If you have and older home, you probably experience drafts through your windows and doors. Once you identify where your drafts are coming from, seal them up with weatherstripping or (if you’re a little more dedicated) caulk. For more tips, check out our How to Seal Out Drafts blog.

5. Invest in rugs.

If you have bare floors, invest in some throw rugs to absorb the coldness that the floors give off. The thicker the rug, the warmer your floors will stay – not to mention, your feet will be much happier.

6. Use a humidifier.

Have you ever noticed that a humid, muggy day in the summer feels hotter than one with less humidity? That’s because moist air feels warmer. Invest in a humidifier and you can trick yourself into thinking your home is warmer than it really is.

7. Reflect radiator heat.

If you have radiators (especially ones attached to external walls), you can reflect their heat back into the room instead of losing it through the walls. Just cover a large piece of cardboard with foil (either foil made for this purpose or high-quality kitchen foil) and place it behind the radiator.

8. Cuddle up.

Our bodies give off heat, so cuddle up with your friend, significant other, or even your pet to stay warm.

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