DIY HVAC Tips for Fall

DIY HVAC tipsWhat You Can Do Before You Have to Call Our HVAC Pros

Fall is here, which means cooler temperatures during the evenings and a good chance that your HVAC system will get some use. Before you turn it up to the max, take some time to do some quick maintenance. Complete these tips on your own and prep your system for the fall:


Replace your filters.

Your HVAC filters should be changed on a regular basis, so start your fall with fresh filters and get rid of all the pollen, dirt, and dust that summer brought with it.

Keep landscaping away from your unit.

This is something you should practice year-round, but especially during the fall. Sometimes, snow can come early and weigh down leaves that haven’t fallen off of trees yet. If this happens, branches may break off and damage your outdoor HVAC unit.

Replace bad weatherstripping.

Doors and windows with bad weatherstripping can let in drafts of cold air from outside and make your heater work more than it has to. This, in turn, can raise your energy bills. Replace bad weatherstripping for a better seal and a warmer home.

Test your thermostat.

Before you crank up your heat, test it out to make sure it’s working properly. Is your home the temperature you want it to be? If not, contact our HVAC service experts – we’ll figure out the problem.

Unblock your vents.

When a vent is blocked (either by closing it or obstructing it), your heat can’t travel correctly causes your system to work harder than it has to. Unblock your vents and you’ll do both yourself and your HVAC system a favor.

Keep leaves away.

As leaves fall off of trees, they can easily get caught in your outdoor HVAC unit. Make sure it runs properly by checking it on a regular basis and cleaning out any leaves that are in or around it.

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