Give Your Air Conditioning a Test Run

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If you haven’t yet, the air conditioning experts at Timothy Off recommend you turn on your air conditioner a little early. By turning it on now and letting it run for a day or so, you can make sure that it’s operating correctly. And if it’s not, it’ll give you enough time for us to adjust it in time for the hot months ahead.

Before You Turn It On…

At Timothy Off, we recommend doing a few fast, easy things before you turn your air conditioner on:

First of all, clean off the blades of your condenser fan (located outside) with a vacuum attachment. This ensures you remove any debris, such as dried leaves or twigs, before you fire it up. You also want to make sure that nothing is blocking the airflow to the fan blades.

We also recommend cleaning off your condenser coils with a hose. These coils are inside the condenser box and look like fins on a radiator. Simply turn on your hose and rinse off the coils to remove any debris or grease.

Changing your HVAC filter before turning on your air conditioner is also a good idea. Your filter has been trapping dust and particles for the entire winter season, so we recommend starting fresh. Also, a clean HVAC filter is better for trapping spring pollen and other allergens.

After You Turn It On…

After you’ve done a little pre-season maintenance, turn your air conditioner on and let it run for a little bit. While it’s running, listen for any strange noises (clangs, grinds, rattles, screeches, etc.) or strange smells. Then, contact our air conditioning experts for an inspection. We’ll make sure your air conditioner is prepared for the summer season and will address any noises or smells you may have found.

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