Homeowners: Beware of HVAC Theft

HVAC theftIt’s More Common Than You Think

The HVAC service experts at Timothy Off would like to bring to the attention of homeowners the amount of HVAC theft that has been going on recently. Many thieves have been stealing air conditioning units from windows, HVAC unit parts, and whole HVAC units from yards in order to make a profit off of their components.

Some thieves simply rip out parts inside the HVAC unit like copper wiring in order to sell it, while other steal entire units and tear them to sell them as scrap metal. Because an HVAC unit is usually a large investment for a homeowner, these acts can devastate homeowners – especially when air conditioning or heat is needed most.

In addition to homeowners, HVAC companies have also been victims of theft. Many cases have been reported of service vans being stolen – especially in the Philadelphia area. Service vans usually have an abundance of top-of-the-line tools and parts inside, so they’re prime targets for anyone looking to sell HVAC parts.

These acts of vandalism are not a new occurrence, but have been steadily growing. To avoid being targeted, consider installing motion-sensor flood lights near your HVAC unit to scare away any thieves. You can also install video cameras to survey your property.

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