How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

leaky faucet

You Can Take on the Plumbing Issue Yourself

Fixing a leaky faucet is usually a simple task that you can do yourself, and our Coatesville plumbing experts are here to help. Follow the steps below and you should be able to put an end to that dripping.

  1. First, shut off the water underneath your sink.
  2. Pull the sink stopper rod up to close the sink drain.
  3. Cover the sink drain with a rag or towel to ensure that no parts fall down the drain.
  4. Determine what kind of sink you have: a compression, cartridge, ball, or ceramic.


Compression faucets have rubber washers called “seat washers” that can often become worn or damaged and cause a leak. If you have a compression faucet, remove the faucet handle and unscrew the packing nut underneath. Then, unscrew the stem (attached to the packing nut) and remove the seat washer underneath for replacement. It’s also a good idea to replace the O-ring that sits around the washer. After you replace both of these things, put the faucet back together.


The O-rings in a cartridge sink are the usual culprits of a leak. If you have a cartridge sink, remove the cap on the handle, and then the handle screw. Pull the handle off and (if necessary) use pliers to remove the retaining clip that holds the cartridge in place. Pull the cartridge up, remove the spout, and cut off the current O-rings for replacement. After you replace the O-rings, put the faucet back together.


Ball faucets are more complicated than other faucets and often times, it’s difficult to pinpoint the leak. It’s usually a good idea to have a professional do the job, so call us today and set up an appointment. We’ll have your leaky faucet fixed in no time.


If you have a ceramic-disk faucet, you’ll find that its seals are what often cause a leak. Push back the handle to reveal the screw and unscrew it. Lift off the handle, then remove the escutcheon cap and unscrew the mounting screws. Lift the cylinder out of the sleeve and locate the seals for replacement. After you replace the seals, put the faucet back together.

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