How to Seal out Drafts

Ever wonder why it takes more heat than it should to warm up your home? The culprit could be windows and doors that aren’t sealed properly. Bad seals not only let in drafts of cold air from outside, they also let the warm air in your home escape. This means that you have to turn up your heat to counteract the cold, which results in overworking your heater and paying a higher energy bill.

By replacing the seals on your windows and doors, you can keep warm air in and cold air out. Here’s how to do it:

First, find the areas that are letting in drafts. To do this, our HVAC service experts recommend lighting a match or a candle, then holding it near the area. If the flame flickers, you’ve got a draft.

Using Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is the simplest way to update drafty windows and doors.

1. Remove dirt and grease from the jambs (the vertical parts that form the sides of the frame) and sashes (the frames that hold the glass) of your windows and doors.

2. After the parts dry, cut peel-and-stick weatherstripping to the right size and apply it to both areas. This should prevent drafts from entering your home.

3. If you feel a draft at the bottom of your door, you can also invest in a new door sweep.

Using Caulk:

If you’re up for removing your exterior or interior window trim, you can use caulk to seal your window leaks instead.

1. After you remove the trim, fill the space where the trim was with caulk. (Make sure to use a kind specific to the material your windows are made from.)

2. Once it dries, use a knife to cut off any excess.

3. Replace the window trim.

If you’re still experiencing drafts after caulking or weatherstripping your windows, give our HVAC service experts a call. We’ll help you find and fix the problem.

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