How to Stay Cool While Working Outside

heatSome Tips from Our Air Conditioning Experts

Once summer hits, our air conditioning service calls skyrocket, which means our HVAC technicians are constantly performing installations and maintenance services out in the hot, humid weather. We’ve given our professionals some tips on how to stay cool and safe in the heat, and we thought we’d share them:

Wear light clothing

If your work uniform rules are lenient, wear the lightest clothing possible in order to stay cool. Wear shorts and shirts made of cotton, linen, or a fabric made to wick away moisture from your body.

Bring along a spray bottle

Fill a spray bottle with cold water and use it to spritz your face every time you get hot for an instant cool.

Invest in some Icy Wipes

If you’ve never used an Icy Wipe, there’s never a better time to than when you’re working outside in the heat. These wipes not only cool you down, but they also wipe away any grease and sweat you’ve collected on your skin.

Cool your pulse points

If you get overheated, run some cold water or rub some ice over the inside of your wrists. You’ll cool your pulse points, which will cool you off immediately. You can also try this with your temples.

Drink plenty of water

When we say plenty, we mean plenty. The average daily intake should be eight 8-ounce glasses per day, but when it’s hot outside, your body can dehydrate more easily, so we recommend drinking even more than that.

Freshen up your hat

If you get hot and you’re wearing a hat, try turning it upside down and pouring some cold water into the top. Then, put it back on and let the water hit your head. You’ll instantly feel cooler.

Know the signs of heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion can cause serious symptoms if it’s not quickly taken care of. If you start to feel weak, dizzy, dehydrated, or experience muscle cramps or a rapid heart rate, take a break and drink a few glasses of cold water.

If you’re in need of air conditioning service, be sure to schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC technicians today.

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