How to Prevent Air Conditioner Theft

Some Tips from Our HVAC Professionals

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Just recently, a 5-ton air conditioner was stolen from a church in Flint, Michigan, which goes to show that air conditioners of any size can be stolen. Thieves also love to steal the copper coils from air conditioning units and sell them, leaving you to replace the unit. Here are some tips from our air conditioning service experts for preventing the theft of yours:

Invest in a Motion-Sensor Floodlight

Thefts and robberies usually take place at night so that it’s harder to see the culprit. By installing a motion-sensor floodlight near your air conditioning unit, a thief will trigger the light and will most likely be scared away from the attempt.

Lock Up the Disconnect Box

When a thief attempts to steal an air conditioner, they will want to disconnect the power so that they can remove it safely. If you put a lock on the disconnect box, the thief either won’t be able to turn off the power, or will give up and leave your air conditioner alone.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras can give you a great idea as to what the person who steals (or tries to steal) your air conditioner or copper coils looks like. You’ll have a better chance of catching the thief with surveillance footage.

Buy an Air Conditioner Cage

These days, there are steel cages that are made especially to prevent air conditioning unit theft. These cages work well not only because they’re immediately intimidating, but they’re also strong and sturdy.

Attach an Alarm

In addition to steel cages, there are also air conditioner alarms on the market. These are designed to trigger when an air conditioner is being disconnected or moved, which will most likely scare the thief away.

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