How to Reduce Your Fall Allergies

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Many people at our Pennsylvania HVAC company suffer from common allergies, and since the fall allergy season is here, we decided to create a list of things you can do to reduce your reactions to ragweed pollen:

Recirculate your air.

When you use the air conditioning in your car, it will pull the outside air in through the vents, which means all the ragweed pollen comes with it. Instead, flip the switch to recirculate the air that’s already in your car.

Take your shoes off.

By taking your shoes off when you step through the door, you’re less likely to trek in allergens that stick to your shoes. Better yet, take them off in your garage our outside and your chances of allergens are even smaller.

Change your filters.

As any of our Pennsylvania HVAC company experts can tell you, when HVAC filters are clogged, they don’t do their job of filtering out dander, pollen, mold, and other allergens. Replace them with new ones and you’ll be able to breathe easier.

Get a dehumidifier.

Many airborne particles thrive on moist air and can spread more quickly. To prevent this, get a dehumidifier for your house and make sure the moisture is below 50%.

Use saline.

Saline solution (which is simply just salt water) can help clear allergy irritants from your nose and can wash away the cells that cause inflammation.

Shower at night.

If you’re outside during the day, you probably collect a lot of allergens in your hair and on your skin and when you go to bed that night, those allergens are likely to transfer to your pillow. Instead of showering in the morning, shower at night and you’ll sleep in a clean bed.

Wipe down your outdoor pets.

Outdoor pets like cats and dogs can trek pollen, spores, dander, and other particles into your home, so before you let them back inside, wipe them down to get rid of the majority of particles.


One of the simplest ways to keep your home free of allergens is to clean it often. Vacuum cloth furniture and carpets regularly (they’re one of the biggest culprits for hiding airborne particles), clean curtains, dust, and wipe down surfaces. You’ll also improve your indoor air quality.

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