This Thanksgiving, Save Some Energy

Go a Little Greener This Holiday


Thanksgiving is a little over a week away, and if you’re hosting family and friends this year, we’re sure you’ll be putting your oven, stove, microwave, and more to good use all morning. Unfortunately, all that use can add up to a lot of energy used and a spike in utility bills. Here are some tips from our Downingtown heating company on how to cut down:

1. Avoid opening the oven door. Every time you open it, you let out heat, which can lower the temperature as much as 25 degrees.That means the oven will have to use energy to get back up to the right temperature.

2. Wait until your dishwasher has a full load before you start it. Dishwashers operate more efficiently when full and you won’t waste water. Also, you can also save water by resisting rinsing off dishes that don’t need rinsing.

3. Use glass or ceramic baking dishes. Because glass and ceramic retain heat, you’re able to lower the cooking temperature by 25 degrees.

4. Use the right size pot on the right size stove burner. If you’re heating an 8-inch pot on a 10-inch burner, you’ll be wasting nearly 40% of the energy you’re using.

5. When you can, cook side dishes or desserts in the microwave. Microwaves generally use about 50% less energy than a conventional oven and they won’t heat up your home in the process.

6. If you have an electric stove, turn your burner off a few minutes before your food is done cooking. It will stay hot enough to finish the cooking and you can save a little energy.

7. Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Constantly opening them means you’re letting the cold air out and your refrigerator or freezer will have to work to make it cold again. If you need to take out more than one thing, leave the door open. It’s more efficient than opening and closing it several times.

8. If you’re using your oven or stove top for hours at a time, turn the heat down in your home and let your stove do the work.

9. Use the holiday to take advantage of your oven’s self-cleaning feature (if you have one). After making all of your food, turn the oven to self-cleaning. Since it uses a high temperature to clean, it can use the heat it’s already created to get started.

10. Don’t stuff your turkey. Cooking the turkey with stuffing in it will take 30 minutes to an hour longer. Instead, make the stuffing on the side. (It’s actually safer this way.)

11. Use lids. By keeping lids on your pots and pans, you’ll be able to keep the heat in and reduce cooking times.

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