Sleeping in a Colder Room May Be Beneficial

A Reason to Turn Up the AC at Night

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Many members of our Chadds Ford air conditioning company love sleeping in colder temperatures and according to a recent study, doing so may actually be beneficial to your health.

According to an article by Mic, researchers from the National Institutes of Health found that sleeping in cooler temperatures could “potentially lessen the risk of diabetes and other metabolic problems.”

After they found five male volunteers, the NIH research team put them in a climate-controlled room and studied them each time they slept. For the first month, they slept in a room at 75 degrees Fahrenheit. For the second month, they slept at 66 degrees. For the third month, they slept again at 75 degrees, and for the fourth month, they slept at 81 degrees.

After four months, researchers found that in cold temperatures, the amount of brown fat in each man nearly doubled. Brown fat is considered a “good” fat because compared to white fat, it stores energy in smaller amounts and improves insulin activity. While sleeping in warmer temperatures, the additional brown fat disappeared.

Because brown fat burns energy more quickly than white, it’s been found that those with a higher content of brown fat are leaner and have lower blood sugar. This means that sleeping in colder temperatures could ultimately increase your brown fat content and lower your risk of diabetes.

What’s your favorite temperature to sleep in?

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