The Dangers of Storms

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We’ve had several thunderstorms lately and we could be seeing some more this weekend. With thunderstorms comes the risk of power loss – whether it’s due to the wind, downed trees, or lightning itself, a power loss can mean damage to your air conditioning unit.

Even if your power is restored and your air conditioner seems to be working fine, some of its electronics may be fried. Small power surges can cause damage to the unit’s capacitor, which can eventually damage the compressor – and that repair can be costly.

What To Do

At Timothy Off, our air conditioning service experts highly recommend that you invest in a surge protector. It will not only protect your HVAC unit from direct power surges, but will also protect it from smaller ones (say, if lightning strikes on the other side of your neighborhood).

Storms can also cause direct damage. If you have an outdoor air conditioner and it doesn’t have a steel cage around it, we suggest that you get one. Strong storms can loosen tree branches, shingles, and other objects and if your air conditioner is exposed and vulnerable, these objects could pierce lines, bend fins, and more, causing lots of damage.

If you recently experienced a storm, call our air conditioning service experts. We’ll take a look at your HVAC unit and make sure it’s running smoothly. If we find any damage, we’ll repair it quickly and get you back to being comfortable.

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