When to Replace Your Home’s Ductwork

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When you use your heat or air conditioning, the warm or cool air travels through a network of vents in your home called ducts. You may not realize it, but this ductwork will eventually need to be replaced. It can be hard to tell when, however, since the ducts are hidden from sight inside your walls and ceilings. Here are some great tips:

Consider Age

Consider the age of your home. If the ductwork was installed when your home was built and it’s 10 years old or older, your ducts may have already started to deteriorate.


When your heat or air conditioning kicks on, listen for sounds like clanging, rattling, banging, and pinging. This could mean your ductwork connections are loose or the sealing is sub-par.


Even though your ductwork is hidden, there are areas that are exposed, like in your attic or crawl space. Inspect the exposed areas to get an idea of what condition your ducts are in. Look for deteriorating joints, rust, streaks of dust that indicate air leaks, and anything else that indicates it’s time to replace them.

Check Airflow

Compare the airflow of each room in your home. If one room seems to not get as much air as the others, it may be caused by a disconnected or crushed ducts.

Insulate Properly

If your insulation is bad or you don’t have enough of it, you could be missing out on prime protection for your ductwork. Insulation will protect the air that travels through your ducts and will keep it warm or cold.

If your ductwork is bad, it means that the optimal amount of airflow isn’t reaching your rooms correctly. Lost airflow will make you increase your heat or air conditioning, which means more money spent in energy bills. Bad ductwork can also lead to unhealthy air that you and your family will often breathe.

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