Boiler Installation Services

These days, boilers can come in all different types of materials (including copper, steel, or cast-iron) and can feature various venting systems (fan-assisted, gravity-vented, chimney-vented, etc.). No matter what kind of boiler installation you need, the professionals at Timothy Off can help.

Steam & Hot Water Boilers

The two most common types of residential or commercial boilers are steam boilers and hot water boilers. Both boilers work with radiators to heat your property, however, there are a few differences between the two.

A hot water boiler keeps a reserve of hot water (around 180 degrees Fahrenheit) in its tank. Once heat is needed, a series of pumps circulate the water through your pipes and to your radiator. The radiator then uses the heat from the water to heat your home or business. A steam boiler, on the other hand, actually boils the water in its tank (to about 212 degrees Fahrenheit) to produce steam. The steam is then pressurized so that it can fill your pipes and travel to your radiator to provide heat.

Boiler Installation Services

While both types of boilers are still used, hot water boilers are more popular because they’re usually more efficient than steam boilers. Which type of boiler you choose depends on your heat source (oil, gas, electric, etc.), budget, property size, and more.

Boiler Installation Services

At Timothy Off, we have the tools and experienced technicians to complete your boiler installation. We work fast, friendly, and thoroughly to make sure that your boiler is properly installed and working efficiently. If you’re in need of a boiler replacement or are thinking about a boiler for the first time, give us a call or contact us today.

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