Furnace Installation

These days, furnaces come in all different sizes and can run on many different energy sources (like natural gas, electricity, and oil). Which you choose depends on your living situation, including the size of your home, your energy source, your preferences, and more. Let the experts at Timothy Off help you with your furnace installation.

Gas, Oil, Electric

Gas furnaces run on either propane or natural gas and are available in single-speed, two-speed, or variable speed models. This type of furnace is the most popular among homeowners (nearly 50% choose gas) because it’s efficient and gas is widely available.

While not as popular as gas furnaces, oil furnaces are still used in many older homes. They are usually considered safer (no fatal fumes) and more environmentally friendly (low emissions) than gas. While you need to have gas available in your area in order to have a gas furnace, oil furnaces have an on-site storage tank that gets filled for use.

Electric furnaces can come in the form of baseboard heat (which doesn’t have ducts) or forced air heat (which flows through ducts). Because electric furnaces don’t require ventilation for fumes, it makes them a more simple solution for your home, when compared to gas or oil. The cost of each energy source can vary by area, so which furnace you choose may depend on energy availability and pricing.

Talk to an expert at Timothy Off today. We’ll help you decide which furnace is right for you. After that, our experienced technicians will install it quickly and professionally so you can enjoy your heat as soon as possible.