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Bosch Heat Pump

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Timothy Off is a locally owned and operated company that has provided heating and cooling services for homes and businesses throughout West Chester, PA, and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years. We take a great deal of pride in delivering installation, maintenance, and repair services that our customers can count on to keep them cool in summer and warm in winter. That includes selling and specializing in the top brands on the market, such as Bosch heat pumps. Bosch is among the most respected and trusted names in the industry, and it designs and manufactures heat pumps that are efficient and long-lasting. Our NATE-certified technicians can install your new Bosch heat pump, and we can provide the maintenance and repair services that help you maximize that investment.

Lasting Comfort All Year Long

Many homes and businesses throughout Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties have an air conditioner and a furnace. A Bosch heat pump is an increasingly popular alternative, which is a single unit that can both provide both heating and cooling. Heat pumps are efficient in general, but heat pumps from Bosch are particularly effective in that they are variable speed. Variable-speed heat pumps are able to throttle up and down with much more granular control than a single- or dual-stage heat pump, and that saves you money. Timothy Off also installs low-profile heat pumps and Bosch mini-splits.

Bosch Heat Pump Installation

Bosch Heat Pump Installation

If the time has come for you to install a new heat pump or you want to convert, Timothy Off can guide you through choosing your system and then install it in an affordable, precise, and dependable manner. There are many options when it comes to choosing your new Bosch heat pump. We can answer all of your questions and help you explore the various available features. Together, we will choose the heat pump that is best for you based on your preferences, budget, and unique home or business. Many of our customers opt for traditional air-source heat pumps, which transfer heat energy to and from the ambient air. We also specialize in ground-source or geothermal heat pumps, which require a greater initial investment but can lower your heating and cooling costs over the next 50 years.

Bosch Heat Pump Repair

Bosch Heat Pump Repair

In the event your heat pump ever fails, know that Timothy Off is here for you to get your system running again in a reliable manner. Call us as soon as you notice a problem, and we will make you a priority. We appreciate that some situations just can’t wait, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency repair services. Whether you need us on an emergency or scheduled basis, we will dispatch a NATE-certified repair technician in a work truck outfitted with all of the equipment, parts, and supplies needed to diagnose your heat pump troubles and correct them during that single visit. We are often called out to fix heat pumps that won’t turn on or just blow ambient air, but we can also diagnose and fix short cycling, long cycling, uneven heating/cooling, strange noises, odd smells, systems that trip breakers, and much more.

Annual Heat Pump Maintenance

A Bosch heat pump is a sophisticated machine with many moving parts that experience wear and tear. Seasonal heat pump maintenance will correct that wear and tear, lower your month-to-month costs, and maximize your total cost of ownership. It is also required by your Bosch warranty. At Timothy Off, we help our customers protect themselves and save money through our Energy Savings Program. ESP enrollment is one year at a time, and it includes regular cleanings and inspections, guidance on how to improve the efficiency of your system, and a 15% discount on other services. If you are interested in enrolling, call us. We will dispatch a technician to your home who can answer all of your questions, help you explore all of the maintenance options we offer, and inspect and clean your system.

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Benefits of Bosch Heat Pumps

A Bosch heat pump is a highly efficient way to heat and cool your home, and many area home and business owners prefer a heat pump to have a distinct furnace and air conditioner. Heat pumps from Bosch are affordable and have an average lifespan of 15 years, and Bosch offers one of the best warranties in the industry. Heat pumps operate by transferring energy similar to an air conditioner, and you can think of a heat pump as an air conditioner that can also run in reverse. For our average customer, a new heat pump will pay for itself in about five years, and if you are making the switch from an outmoded system to an inverter heat pump, for instance, the return can actually be faster than that.

Energy Efficiency

A traditional furnace can run up your gas or electric bill because it has to generate heat. A heat pump does not generate heat but rather transfers heat energy. This is why heat pumps are so efficient. In addition, Bosch heat pumps are variable-speed systems, which means that your system can adjust its output based on your set temperature and ambient temperature. The traditional heat pump is an air-to-air system, and a potential drawback is reduced effectiveness in harsher cold temperatures. It is not uncommon to opt for a hybrid system that pairs a heat pump with a furnace or boiler. Another option is a geothermal heat pump, which is even more efficient and can handle harsher temperatures.

Quiet Operation

If you have a furnace and/or air conditioner that rattles and makes other loud noises, you are not alone. It is a common HVAC issue that can affect the quality of life. Another benefit of heat pumps is that they are quieter than other heating and cooling solutions. Bosch heat pumps in particular only output 43 decibels, which is nearly imperceptible and will not affect your home life or business operations.

Fully Modulated Ducted Systems

Heat pump technologies are advancing at an impressive rate, and among the most advanced systems on the market are ducted packaged units that have Bosch Inverter Drive Technology. This fully modulating inverter driver is able to precisely match the heating and cooling loads in 1% increments. That is an unparalleled level of efficiency that will result in you paying less for heating and cooling each month.

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Timothy Off is Here to Help

Timothy Off is among the most trusted and established HVAC companies in Pennsylvania. If you want a Bosch heat pump installed, you can count on us to complete the job the right way the first time around. You can also rely on us for seasonal maintenance that saves you money and repair services that get your heating and cooling back on fast. We are available 24/7/365, so call us today or contact us online to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation or service appointment.

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