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Most of today’s HVAC units utilize ductwork, but ductless systems are on the rise as a more convenient replacement. Ductless heat pump systems aren’t new. However, they’ve become a popular choice among homeowners and businesses due to their efficiency and easy installation.

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When your HVAC system incorporates ductwork into its operation, there’s always a risk of losing energy through the ducts. In fact, on average, 25% or more of your heat or air conditioning can be lost in your ducts. With a residential and commercial ductless system, however, you won’t have to worry about losing energy. You also won’t have to worry about covering up unsightly ducts throughout your home.

Ductless systems eliminate the ductwork and instead, allow heat or air conditioning to be pumped directly into your room. In addition, instead of turning completely off and back on each time the temperature fluctuates (like a traditional HVAC system), ductless systems incorporate inverter-driven compressors that speed up and slow down to save energy. By investing in a ductless system, you can have an easier way to control your temperature. You’ll also enjoy lower heating and cooling bills.

Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split heat pumps are great as both new installations and retro-fitted applications. These systems use several smaller air handlers instead of one, larger air handler (like a regular HVAC system). Each air handler is permanently mounted to your wall or ceiling and is fitted with its own supply of electricity, a refrigerant line, and a drain line. This lets you control the temperature of each handler separately. As a result, you’ll have better control over specific areas of your home or business. With mini-split systems, you can help lower your energy usage and pay less for your heat.

For more information about ductless heat pump systems, contact the heating and cooling experts at Timothy Off. We can help you decide if one of these systems is right for your home.

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