Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pumps

Timothy Off is a Preferred Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor

When it comes to keeping your home or business comfortable, you rely on your HVAC system. No matter the season, you can count on a Mitsubishi ductless heat pump, and Timothy Off Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing to install it for you.

We’re a Preferred Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor. This authorization means that we’ve achieved the highest level of training and expertise and the highest rate of customer satisfaction. As a result, homeowners and business owners can expect our technicians to provide the best possible experience while buying, installing and repairing their mini-split heat pump systems.

Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor

We Make Comfort Personal

At Timothy Off, our goal is to provide the best possible service for your Mitsubishi ductless heat pump or any other brand. In order to do that, our technicians must be experts in all things related to mini-split systems. We send our technicians to a Mitsubishi Electric-approved training center to develop their skills and update their knowledge on the latest technologies.

Only contractors who attend these training classes and exhibit advanced knowledge regarding Mitsubishi Electric products can earn the highly desired Preferred Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor status. To renew this status, the manufacturer evaluates our technicians every year to ensure that they remain committed to providing outstanding customer service.

Why Purchase a Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pump from Timothy Off?

Mitsubishi Electric makes some of the best HVAC equipment in the industry. The manufacturer is so confident that its products are superior in quality and performance that it offers the best factory warranty protection of 12 years. The only way to take advantage of the full 12-year factory warranty is to purchase your Mitsubishi ductless heat pump system from an authorized Preferred Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor like Timothy Off.

Ductless Heat Pump

A More Efficient Home

Most of today’s HVAC units utilize ductwork, but ductless systems are on the rise as a more convenient replacement. Ductless heat pump systems aren’t new. However, they’ve become a popular choice among homeowners and businesses due to their efficiency and easy installation.

Ductless Heat Pump

When your HVAC system incorporates ductwork into its operation, there’s always a risk of losing energy through the ducts. In fact, on average, 25% or more of your heat or air conditioning can be lost in your ducts. With a residential and commercial ductless system, however, you won’t have to worry about losing energy. You also won’t have to worry about covering up unsightly ducts throughout your home.

Ductless systems eliminate the ductwork and instead, allow heat or air conditioning to be pumped directly into your room. In addition, instead of turning completely off and back on each time the temperature fluctuates (like a traditional HVAC system), ductless systems incorporate inverter-driven compressors that speed up and slow down to save energy. By investing in a ductless system, you can have an easier way to control your temperature. You’ll also enjoy lower heating and cooling bills.

Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split heat pumps are great as both new installations and retro-fitted applications. These systems use several smaller air handlers instead of one, larger air handler (like a regular HVAC system). Each air handler is permanently mounted to your wall or ceiling and is fitted with its own supply of electricity, a refrigerant line, and a drain line. This lets you control the temperature of each handler separately. As a result, you’ll have better control over specific areas of your home or business. With mini-split systems, you can help lower your energy usage and pay less for your heat.

Mini-Split Systems

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Timothy Off

When you choose a company to install, repair or maintain your mini-split heat pump system, you want to make sure that it offers excellent service. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose us:

  1. Our HVAC experts have years of industry experience.
  2. We specialize in recommending the appropriate system for your home or business to get the best energy efficiency.
  3. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained in selling, installing and servicing Mitsubishi ductless heat pump systems.
  4. As a Preferred Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, we ensure that you get genuine parts for repairs or replacements when you purchase the equipment from us.
  5. A 12-year factory warranty is only available through Diamond Contractors.
  6. We can service all Mitsubishi Electric equipment and receive factory support as a Diamond Contractor.
  7. Only a Diamond Contractor receives ongoing product, installation, and maintenance training from Mitsubishi Electric.
  8. Mitsubishi Electric has experienced sales, technical and service personnel in each region across the United States to aid Diamond Contractors if an issue arises.
  9. Every Diamond Contractor signs a Code of Conduct agreement.
  10. To deliver extra peace of mind, being a Preferred Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor requires us to remain bonded, insured, and licensed to keep our authorization.

Single Zone Ductless Heat Pump Solutions

Homes and businesses that have traditional HVAC systems often have large cooling and heating zones. However, lack of airflow usually causes cold or hot spots. The single-zone Mitsubishi ductless heat pump system offers individual comfort control for a specific space or room.

Each system includes an air handler that’s connected to a compact outdoor condensing unit via a refrigerant line. This makes it ideal for older properties without ductwork or newer properties with rooms that are too cold or hot, such as bedrooms, offices, enclosed patios and room additions.

Along with cooling and heating the space, the Mitsubishi ductless heat pump is equipped with a top-notch allergen filtration system. Also, the system is efficient, quiet and discreet. In fact, the indoor air handler is available in wall-mounted and ceiling-recessed options. You even have the option for wired or wireless controllers.

Multi Zone Ductless Heat Pump Solutions

The multi-zone Mitsubishi ductless heat pump system is similar to the single-zone system in that it has an excellent filtration system, offers wired or wireless controllers, and is efficient, quiet and discreet. However, this system is designed to cool and heat more than a single space.

A traditional multi-zone HVAC system has multiple outdoor units and is controlled with one centrally located thermostat. Unfortunately, some of the rooms may still be too cold or hot. Mitsubishi Electric’s multi-zone mini-split system can connect up to eight individual indoor air handlers to one outdoor condensing unit.

As a result, you can adjust each zone according to your comfort level. In addition to having wall-mounted or ceiling-recessed air handlers, the multi-zone system can have floor-mounted units. Best of all, this Mitsubishi ductless heat pump solution offers up to 40% savings on energy costs compared to traditional systems.

Diamond Comfort Systems

The Mitsubishi Diamond Comfort System is the most advanced whole-home cooling and heating system. It offers scalability and customization to provide a complete zone comfort solution. The MVZ air handler can replace any traditional HVAC system without replacing the ductwork as well.

If you have a multilevel home, installing two air handlers will improve the system’s cooling and heating efficiency. For a true zoned comfort solution, though, you could install one air handler on the main floor and a ductless unit in each upstairs room.

Up to seven ductless units can be connected to the outdoor unit alongside the main air handler for individualized comfort control. You can choose between wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed, floor-mounted and low-profile horizontal ducted indoor units. With this personalized level of comfort, you can save up to 40% on your energy costs.

We Are Here to Help

For more information about ductless heat pump systems, contact the heating and cooling experts at Timothy Off. We can help you decide if one of these systems is right for your home.

Multi Zone Ductless Heat Pump

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