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Heater Tune-Up Services

Homeowners throughout West Chester, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas have trusted Timothy Off for heating system maintenance for more than 20 years. We have NATE-certified heating technicians that are highly trained and experienced and will provide you with a comprehensive heater tune-up that saves you money in the short term and over the long term.

Heater Tune-Up

Signs Your Heater Needs a Tune-Up

Whether you have a furnace, heat pump, or boiler, Timothy Off recommends annual maintenance and preferably in the fall prior to the start of the heating season. You should also monitor your heating system and call us if there are any warning signs. Rising energy costs are a telltale sign that something is wrong. Don’t ignore loud or odd noises or unusual smells. Short or long cycling indicates an issue. Uneven heating or inconsistent thermostat control suggest a problem as well, and you should contact us if your carbon monoxide detector activates and you’re unsure why.

The Benefits of a Heater Tune-Up

An annual heater tune-up is a worthwhile investment because it saves you money in a number of ways. It ensures efficient operation and thus a lower monthly utility bill. It reduces your repair costs over the life of the system and also extends the life of the equipment thereby lowering your total cost. You’re much less likely to experience a failure during winter. Your home or business will be more comfortable, and you’ll ensure that your heating system warranty remains valid.

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Timothy Off provides heater tune-up services for the many different heating technologies used for residential and commercial purposes throughout our service area. These include furnaces, heat pumps, mini splits, and boilers, and we work on electric systems in addition to those that run on natural gas, heating oil, and propane.

Heat Pump Installations

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are among the most efficient heating systems for homes and businesses. They’re increasingly popular in our region and have the advantage of providing both heating and air conditioning.

Boiler Heating Installations


Boilers are efficient heating systems that have the advantage of not blowing air and thus reducing indoor air quality. Condensing hot water boilers are particularly popular for their high efficiency.

Furnace Installations


Furnaces remain the most popular way to heat homes and businesses in this region. Our customers now have the option of high-efficiency models that have an AFUE rating of 90% or higher.

Ductless Mini Split System Installations

Ductless Mini Split Systems

Mini splits are similar to heat pumps in that provide both heating and air conditioning. The main difference is that mini splits blow air directly into the living space as opposed to using ducts.

Hybrid Heating System Installations

Hybrid Heating

Hybrid heating is becoming increasingly popular in this region as it provides the best of both worlds. Enjoy the efficiency of a heat pump most of the time and the strong heat of a furnace when you need it.

Geothermal Heating Installations

Geothermal Heating

A geothermal heating system is a heat pump but one that transfers energy to and from the ground as opposed to the ambient air. Geothermal systems are more efficient than traditional heat pumps in very cold temperatures.

Residential Heater Tune-Up Services

Our affordable heater tune-up services are available to all homeowners as we service furnaces, hybrid systems, heat pumps, mini splits, boilers, and all other heating technologies. We’ll perform a comprehensive inspection and cleaning, correct all wear and tear, and carry out any necessary repairs.

Commercial Heater Tune-Up Services

Timothy Off also provides a full range of commercial heater tune-up services. Our NATE-certified technicians work on all types of commercial systems, including those custom-designed for a particular location. In addition to maintenance services, we perform commercial heating repairs and upgrades.

Choose Timothy Off for Your Heater Tune-Up

Protect your investment with a heater tune-up, and trust Timothy Off for high-quality maintenance services that extend the life of your equipment. Call us today at 1-610-701-9020 or contact us online to schedule your appointment or with any questions about our maintenance services.

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